Urban Design

PHS’s landscape architects and planners design new gardens, restore parks, plan and design green stormwater infrastructure, and create temporary landscapes in Philadelphia and throughout the region.

PHS Urban Design partners with city agencies, non-profits and community groups to accomplish its work.

As part of the Neighborhood Parks Stewardship Initiative, PHS is working with Philadelphia Parks & Recreation, the Fairmount Park Conservancy, and Philadelphia Water, to reconnect Philadelphians to the city’s robust public park network. PHS landscape architects are renovating six city parks to both update the site amenities and improve sustainability. These range from the 40-acre Wissinoming Park to the modestly scaled quarter-acre Weccacoe Playground in Queen Village.

PHS landscape architects collaborate internally with the Community Gardens team to plan and design elements that allow the gardens to continue to serve communities through raised garden plots and create ADA accessible garden beds. 

To request information about PHS’s fee-based landscape design and planning services, please contact 215.988.8800.