Community LandCare FAQ

What is Community LandCare?

Community LandCare, a component of the Philadelphia LandCare program, contracts with 18 community organizations annually to clean and mow almost 3,000 parcels of vacant land that have not yet been improved by the “Clean and Green” treatment. The program employs more than 100 community residents, who have a direct role in keeping their neighborhoods clean and safe.

What is the difference between Community LandCare and Philadelphia LandCare?

The Community LandCare program employs neighborhood residents to regularly maintain blighted lots in their community. The “Clean and Green” treatment, which includes removing debris, planting grass and trees, and installing a wooden post-and-rail fence, strategically selects blighted lots for transformation in key target areas around the city.

Who pays for the Community LandCare Program?

The City of Philadelphia annually contracts with PHS to manage Philadelphia LandCare.  Community organizations are selected in response to a “Request for Applications” issued by the City of Philadelphia’s Office of Housing and Community Development every three years. Contracts of 50 to 300 parcels are awarded to successful applicants. Each group is paid a flat fee (currently $22.50 per visit) to clean and mow each property. Visits occur monthly from April through October.

How much land is cared for in this program?

Eighteen different community organizations maintain approximately 3,000 parcels, which is close to three million square feet of land throughout the city. 

How can I learn more?

Call 215.988.8800