Julia Fisher

PHS Development and Awards Committees Chair

Posted on September 5, 2018

Julia Fisher started her career in law before moving into private banking, a job which required her to travel much of the time. In 2018, Julia retired as a Managing Director/Wealth Advisor for JP Morgan Chase & Co. and was able to turn her energies full time to her varied interests and creative pursuits.

When asked about how she first became involved with PHS, Julia explained, “I first got involved probably in the mid-2000s.  The thing that really got me involved [with PHS] was City Harvest and the Roots to Reentry program,” she says, referring to the food security and job training programs.


“I’ve been involved with PHS for a long time and I’m really looking forward to the future with Matt Rader and the team.”

An excellent home gardener and avid traveler, Julia’s horticultural knowledge was honed by many PHS trips to visit gardens around the world, including numerous visits to England with PHS past president Jane Pepper, a close friend. Julia enjoys growing shrubbery in her intimate home garden. When asked why she gardens, she said "I am inspired to garden because I enjoy spending time outside."

As a member of the 1827 Society, Julia supports PHS’s mission to connect people with horticulture and create positive impact in communities. “I’m motivated to stay involved with PHS because of the multifaceted ways that PHS engages with people in the city…bringing people together to find beauty through horticulture. I give to PHS because it’s my investment in the things I care about,” she says.

“Every year there are a thousand needs in our region, and of those that PHS can have an impact on, the organization is willing to try different ways to achieve that…reaching out and embracing change.”

Julia is currently chair of the PHS Development Committee and serves as the PHS Awards Committee co-chair.